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All our repairs and installations are carried out by a qualified IT professional with over 20 years experience. We are happy to give advice over the phone or internet, contact us to see if we can help. We cover many different areas, including repairs, installations, upgrades and small business IT support.

Computer and Laptop Repairs

For 18 years we have been repairing computers and laptops. Ring us for a no obligation quote or pop in and see us so we can take a quick look to give you an idea of what the problem may be. We never change any parts without clearing it with the customer and we always give the faulty parts back.

If you think you have lost important files be very careful how you proceed as the wrong decision could lose them forever. Contact us immediately and we may be able to get them back with powerful data recovery software.

Data Recovery Services

“It’s good to know there’s always someone competent to turn to when/if any more problems occur”

Ian Holt - Heswall

Problem Solving New Technology

With all the new technology that comes on to the market every year it is no wonder why people get confused when it comes to setting everything up correctly. We have now reached an era where most of our home electrical device’s communicate with one another; to get the most out of your device’s get them setup correctly. If you can’t get something to do what you expect it to do, give us a call and we will come and sort it out for you.

Most laptop jack repair’s cost between £50 and £70. We can fix about 90% of machine’s with this fault; if we can’t fix it we charge £10 for the assessment

Laptop Jack Repair

Extend the life of you PC or laptop by getting it serviced. If the fan on your desktop is getting loud, then it is probably time for a service. If your laptop is getting hot, get it serviced ASAP

PC and Laptop Servicing

At Birkenhead Computer Repairs we are committed to delivering excellent customer service and building a reputation as the best computer maintenance and services company for home and small business in Wirral and Liverpool.

Need Cat5e Installed?

Ask us about installing your cabling for your office network. We have installed cat5e for a lot of small businesses, cabling usually works better than wireless and there are generally less networking issues when cabling is installed. If you are getting electrical work done the electrician can add these cables at the same time but may not terminate them, if this is the case we can come and complete the cabling and test the connections.


We attempt to fix most small problems over the phone. Don’t waste valuable time trying to fix a problem when a simple phone call could save you time. A tick in a box or change of a setting could get you back up and running without any fuss. We don’t charge for small fix’s over the phone so why not ring and check with us before you pay any call-out charges. If we can’t answer the phone immediately, leave a message and we will call you straight back.

Need an answer fast?

Phone Support

In some cases we can login to your machine to try and solve an issue. The Internet needs to be working and someone needs to be at the machine for us to do this. If we can do it quickly then we won’t charge but if it takes time the standard rates would apply; but at least the problem gets sorted out fast.

Internet OK?

Remote Support

Networking has always been important in the business sector but now with all our home devices connecting to one another too you can get more from your products at home. We can setup a home network and advise you on how to get the most out if. This would include connecting to smart TV’s and media libraries on your PC. Some people like to have a central backup location for all their files that can be accessed from any device on the network for easy viewing or access.

Need to share devices?



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